"Act well at the moment, and you have performed a good action to all eternity"
Johann Kaspar Lavater
Swiss Theologian


nEternityTM solves your dilemma of how to preserve your legacy, and the practical problem of how to ensure you can live on forever, through your life's works being available for future generations to view and appreciate forever.

nEternityTM is a web-based "Content Continuity CocoonTM" which protects your creations, and in the event of your death, ensures they continue to be served online forever. Just like you can buy insurance for your business, nEternityTM offers a web-site or web-content continuity assurance service. It is of greatest interest to bloggers, writers, commentators, authors, photographers and digital media creators. But it is basically an essential tool for anyone who wants to be remembered online forever. For a nominal price nEternityTM ensures that your protected and covered content will be kept available and accessible online forever, even centuries after you, the creator, have gone to heaven.

WHAT nEternity™ DOES?
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WHY YOU NEED nEternity™?

There is a simple estimator on the home page. A simple click helps you select what level of coverage you need. Register, sign in and pay for the appropriate plan. A few minutes and a few Dollars are all that it takes to ensure you, your life's work and your legacy live on(line) forever! Is your life's work worth three bucks to you?

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