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Privacy Policy

The nature of our business requires a relationship of trust with our customers. The foundation of that trust is the assurance that we will not misuse information that we receive about customers. The following is our Privacy Policy regarding the collection and disclosure of our customers' personal information. The Privacy Policy is subject to updates at any time. nEternity is part of the IMRAN Group of companies which operate in a number of different jurisdictions and this Privacy Policy is not a comprehensive statement of all measures taken and rules complied with in each of those jurisdictions, but an indication of the intent of The IMRAN Group to comply with the privacy laws of the jurisdictions where we do business.

Personal Information Personal information is information that identifies an individual personally. Personal information includes but is not limited to such information as name, address, email, next of kin, phone numbers, web site addresses and passwords if applicable, policy or claim information and age related information.
How We Collect Personal Information We collect personal information to enable us to provide our products and services to customers and to support our business and services operations. We obtain personal information directly from the customer, from customer-related transactions and from third parties, such as a client referrals.
Protecting Personal Information We use procedural, manual and electronic security controls to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of personal information in our possession and guard against its unauthorized access. Some techniques we employ to protect information include locked files, user authentication, encryption, firewall technology and the use of detection software. We are responsible for identifying information that must be protected, providing an adequate level of protection for that data and granting access to protected data as permitted or required by law.

Some of IMRAN Group employees have access to customer personal information in the course of doing their jobs, which includes approving accounts and policies, processing claims, developing new products or advising customers of our products and services. These select employees are expected to keep this information in confidence and share the information only with those who have a business reason to know. Employees are prohibited from making unauthorized disclosure of personal information that we obtain about customers. Employees who violate our policies on privacy may be subject to disciplinary action as well as legal action where applicable.
Disclosing Personal Information We keep our customers' personal information private and do not give it to others, unless allowed or required by law. We do not give or sell our customers' personal information to other companies for marketing purposes. We may share personal information that we have about customers within IMRAN Group family to improve the user experience of our clients or enhance the savings or benefits they can enjoy.

We may give personal information to other persons or companies to help us manage or service our business. When we do, we require them to use it only for the reasons we gave it to them.
Customer Rights The IMRAN Group acknowledges that some customers about whom we collect personal information have certain legal rights concerning that information. These individuals have a right to be told of their privacy rights and our information handling practices. They have a right to know what information we have about them, how we obtained it, and with whom we may share it. They also have a right to request correction of any wrong information pertaining to them in our file. The IMRAN Group supports these rights as they add a measure of security and confidence to our dealings with the public. We will do everything we reasonably can to assist customers in exercising their privacy rights and will not attempt to dissuade them from doing so.
Global Operations The IMRAN Group is a global organization and parent of nEternity™ and doing business in several countries. Some of these countries have enacted laws and regulations protecting personal information; other countries have not. It is IMRAN Group' desire to comply with the privacy laws and regulations of every country in which we do business.
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