"Act well at the moment, and you have performed a good action to all eternity"
Johann Kaspar Lavater
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What IS nEternity and what is a LifeLog?
nEternity is the world's first and only service to assure that your web content stays "Live, Forever"™ even after you are gone, and even if your current free hosting service does not exist anymore. This is like an "insurance" policy to ensure your life's work stays LIVE on the Internet, forever. Think of it as a web-based "Content Continuity Cocoon" which protects your digital creations, and your life's work. In the event of your death it ensures your great legacy will continue to be served online forever. LifeLog questions are answered later in this FAQ.

What does nEternity protect?
Just like you can buy insurance for your business, or protection for your family in the event of your death, nEternity offers a website or web-content continuity assurance service.

Who needs nEternity?
It is of greatest interest to bloggers, writers, commentators, authors, photographers and digital media creators. It is an essential service for anyone who wants to be remembered online forever. Free web services come and go. Even the biggest names like Excite, AltaVista, etc. are gone, as is the content hosted on their servers. Even today, just in the last few months, giant AOL shut down its Photos as well as its Blogs services. Even the deep pocketed Microsoft shut down MSN Groups. Mighty Google? They just shut down a similar service. How long do you think Yahoo or others can continue to host gazillions of pages for free?

Is nEternity expensive?
LifeLogs are free but even for heavy content creators, nEternity is very inexpensive. For a nominal price nEternity ensures that your protected and covered content will be kept available and accessible online forever, even centuries after you, the creator, have gone to heaven. Our goal is to provide a valuable, reliable and unique service but at very reasonable costs.

Can you give me some real numbers?
Of course. How does $3 per year sound? For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, most individuals with a basic blog can protect their legacy forever. Is keeping your memory, your work and you legacy online forever worth THREE DOLLARS per YEAR? We think it should be, and since you are reading this, it surely is.

How come there are other numbers and prices listed?
Everybody's needs are different. Our pricing also covers those creators who have blogs, websites, photo galleries and similar larger sized content. Just click on the pop-up menu on the Home page to see what the service will cost you.

Why pay for this? Almost everyone is using free hosting like Blogger™, flickr™, FaceBook™, MySpace™, etc.?
The problem is that there isn't any guarantee that all of these services will either remain in that particular business, or remain free, forever. Just check and you'll see how AOL's Blogs and MSN's Groups services have been discontinued. We mention even Google with it's deepest pockets shutting down some free services just recently. Think for a second. Accidents happen. People die unexpectedly. For anyone who had invested and uploaded all their life's creative work on the free services we mentioned above and is not around today to migrate to a different service, their legacy and the memory of all they created online is already lost forever. Don't let that happen to your life's work!

But that doesn't affect me, does it?
Yes it does. Any company you are using to host your content free can stop doing that. Changing business models, changing ownership, changing economic conditions, changing missions can all cause such sites to one day start charging fees for providing the services that they offer for free today. And, if that were to happen after we passed away to another place, what would happen? How would we respond to that email notification telling us to start paying if we died before it's arrival? Our work, our creations, our very legacy would be lost - forever. nEternity protects your writings, your creations, your photos, your audio recordings, your blog, or web site, or online diary, etc. by paying for (or hosting) that content to stay online forever.

What does that mean "paying for or hosting"?
Our goal is to try and leave our customers data and legacy on the servers and services that they hosted them on. So, if people loved seeing your Sunset Photos on flickr, that is where they will stay. Then, the creator, who had 200 photographs hosted free on flickr passes away. If flickr starts charging even $1 per year for their currently free photo hosting service the user could not respond, and eventually that service would remove their content. But, because you will have purchased nEternity Assurance, nEternity would pay the cost for that user's account and photos to continue on flickr, whether it one cent or $100 per year. However, it is obviously impossible for us to ensure that every current popular Internet company and host stays in business forever. Only as an example, if Microsoft buys Yahoo! and shuts down flickr - in that case we can't keep flickr alive but we would host our customers' photographs on our own servers forever.

Ha! Why would you be able to continue hosting if flicker or others cannot continue?
Our business model is similar to that of insurance companies. We are not giving away the service for free for clients of the nEternity Assurance service. We have factored in the cost of your data storage and expected bandwidth in the years to come. Even with our very low fees, just like an insurance company, with a large number of clients, we can afford to continue hosting our clients' content even when other free services may be shutting down because of economic and other factors.

How do I know you will be around forever?
We do not expect our founder, or our team, to be alive forever. All of us, however, are also creative people who want our content to live forever. That is how the idea of nEternity came to be. And that is why we are teaming with various financial service and insurance companies to ensure that our service will continue even after the people writing these words are long gone. We will be gone, but our words will echo across the ages, available on the net forever, because the costs are being underwritten by our own insurance.

Is there any restriction on the kind of website you protect?
We do not believe in censorship, but we do not plan to be serving purely pornographic or commercial sites.

But what if I am a photographer with artistic nudes or other such photographs?
Lucky you! But, seriously.... Again, our goal is not to be a censorship mechanism. As long as your content is not sexually explicit pornography, especially commercial pornography, we do not expect it to be a problem.

What if I write erotic literature?
We believe in free speech and creative expression. The only things we will avoid serving will be hate speech, calls to violence, plagiarism or copyright violations, etc. We believe in using common sense, rather than some rigid description or policy.

How does nEternity work?
It's quite simple. http://www.neternity.org/home/how

Do I really need eternity?
Yes! If your life's work and your own memory are worth $3 to you! Seriously. You are unique, you are creative, and you have worked hard to create incredibly powerful works, from words to music, from images to essays. You want to leave a record of having lived your life fully, and give future generations a chance to know you, your mind and your soul, through your works, that should live on forever

Who is protected by this service?
The protected client can be either an individual person, or an entity such as a non-profit organization or a corporation, depending on the corporate structure of the operator of the blog site. If you are blogging in your own name as an individual person, then you are the appropriate covered client. If you have formed a non-profit organization, a limited liability corporation (LLC) or other legal entity to operate the blog or web site, then that entity is the appropriate covered party. However, in all cases the client must be and remain a paid up member of nEternity for the protections and coverage to be applicable.

What is insured under this program?
Your blog, your photo albums, your video albums, your audio recordings, your video chats, or other forms of digital creative output. That means content you have created, not other people's content you may have posted, e.g. if you posted 100 Daily Show clips on YouTube, sorry, that is not your content and is not included. We offer tiers of service for different data volumes. If you buy only 500MB of data and have 1000MB of data hosted on your web site, only the first 500MB (as would be downloaded in an alphabetical order in a standard ftp session) would be considered protected and covered.

Does that mean if I have 510MB of data you'll want me to buy 1000MB coverage?
Just like you, we are reasonable and fair people. Maybe that is why everyone likes us so much! :-) If something happens to you while you were a valued paid-up client of ours and we find that you had 5-10% more data than you bought protection for, we will still cover you. We just want to avoid people deliberately buying coverage for one data amount while expecting us to cover significantly more data than that.

What if I have multiple blog sites?
When you sign up with us you can list as many websites, blogs, etc. as you have. Obviously, they will all be protected up to the limit of the data volume you purchase protection for. So, if you have 800 MB on flickr and 800 MB on blogger (and you enter them in your profile in that order), if you only buy coverage for 1000 GB, then 800 MB of flickr and 200 MB of blogger data will be covered. If you are not sure, send us an email and we will show you how to figure out what your data needs are.

Who developed the nEternity LLC program and who is underwriting this coverage?
The nEternity LLC program was developed jointly by nEternity LLC and is currently underwritten by Incorporated Technologies Corporation (Pvt) Limited. More underwriting partners will be added over time from insurance companies in Europe, USA and Asia to ensure maximum protection for nEternity in perpetuity.

What is the expiration date of the nEternity coverage, and how do I renew the coverage?
Our service protects you from the date you sign up and make a payment. If you pay annually then you will get a reminder 30 days before the expiration. Think about it, you pay $25 for a flickr pro account even for 1000 MB every year, yet we will protect it forever for half that cost! We also offer a very reasonably priced one-time payment option for lifetime coverage. Or you can pay every year.

How do I make a claim?
The great thing about our service is that you do not have to file a claim. When you sign up, you decide how often our system should automatically check on your health and well-being. We do this by sending you an email. If we do not get a response from you, we contact you on a phone number you provide. If all else fails, we check with your friends or next of kin that you tell us to check with. If we find out that one of our clients has passed away, we take on the responsibility of monitoring that their hosted content stays alive. If the free host starts charging for that service we start paying for it. Forever. If that host goes out of business we start hosting that content forever with no further expense to your next of kin or estate. It is even possible for someone estate to cease to exist but for their content to stay online forever with our service.

How do you check on my health and well-being?
When you sign up for our service, you provide your valid e-mail address, alternate e-mail address, mobile and home phone if available. You also decide at what frequency system should check in with you with an e-mail. You simply click on the link embedded in the e-mail which lets us know that you are alive and well.

What happens if you do not hear from me?
If the e-mail bounces, or you do not click on the link, then we reach out to you at one of your alternate e-mail addresses or contact points. That is why it is important for you to provide us as much information as you can when you sign up. We keep it in strict confidence.

Does the service cover video, podcasts or other forms of audio?
Yes, if they are contained on the covered blog or site. The service covers any digital content posted on the protected blog or web site, including audio, visual, and other legal digital material.

Does the insurance cover uploads to video sharing sites like YouTube?
As previously mentioned, the nEternity program can include coverage for your original postings or uploads made by the insured on other blogs, websites, or video-sharing sites. However, unlicensed uploads of copyrighted material on others' sites will not be covered. We lawsuits even less than lawyers *unless you are our customer, Mr. Attorney!*. :-)

What if I am based outside the United States of America, am I still eligible for this service? Yes you are. However, the service does require payment with the PayPal in United States Dollars. Then what is a FREE LifeLog?
nEternity follows a "freemium" business model. There are many people who do not have traditional blogs but want to create a record of their life. If you are not a blogger or heavy content creator we offer you a simple five-section LifeLog. These usually are things like "My Life", "My Diary", "My Predictions", "My Living Will" and "My Last Words". These pages can be public or hidden. They can remain hidden forever or opened after a certain date or after the writer's death, for example, the Will and Last Words sections are probably best left protected and made public after a writer's death.

Do I have to pay for a LifeLog?
No, a LifeLog is free. Sign up at "Live, Forever" http://neternity.org , validate your email address and then login. Then click LifeLog (that part is free). Set up a LifeLog and tell your friends about it. Time flies, who else will care to remember us if you don't start the process. Do it now!

Can I get a LifeLog in memory of my (dear departed)?
Yes, we think that is a wonderful idea to honor friends and relatives who are not alive. Just please use a different email address to create their profile and clearly mention it is someone's memorial page, not a living person to avoid any confusion. Only you are responsible for obtaining and having the right to create such a page. e.g. do not create pages for dead celebrities. Or living ones, for that matter!

If you would like to ask a question, blow please type in your question with your name and email address

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