"Act well at the moment, and you have performed a good action to all eternity"
Johann Kaspar Lavater
Swiss Theologian

About us

nEternity™ is the first and only service to ensure your digital works and legacy will live on forever, even after your death and even if your web hosts go out of business. We are the only content continuity services company.

With the most diverse array of and range of online content protection services and products and the greatest commitment to customers we service clients in 17 countries around the world. nEternity™ is part of the IMRAN Group and a global venture between Incorporated Technologies Corporation (Pvt) Limited, IMRAN™ and CCCP which undertakes the insurance of this service.

nEternity™ enables our clients to ensure and protect their legacy on the net, forever. We do this by covering the costs to host and serve their protected and covered content at our cost in perpetuity. Please see the really helpful FAQ we put together for you.
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