"Act well at the moment, and you have performed a good action to all eternity"
Johann Kaspar Lavater
Swiss Theologian


"A dreamer lives for eternity. nEternity keeps your life and digital works alive for eternity"

nEternity™ is the world's first and only web content continuity service which ensures that you, your life story, your digital creations and amazing legacy live on forever. Interested?

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Create a permanent record honoring your life and your creative work. Record your legacy, your life history and how you want to be remembered. Add your Predictions, a Living Will and even Last Words you want to be remembered by. These will be kept securely locked until a date you specify.

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LifeLog accounts are free. If you already have a lot of data on other sites, e.g. a popular blog, or lots of online content, like photographs and audio/video, and you want that content served forever, even after your death, please add a nEternity Assurance plan.

Your covered content will be served online forever at our cost - after you are gone - even if your domain names expire or the free blog or photo services you use today go out of business. Coverage starts at 99 cents!

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